29 Sep

Sham Shack, November 2010

Ut: Influential No Wave trio, name-checked in Le Tigre’s anthemic “Hot Topic,” cited by labelmates Sonic Youth as an influence, and playing their first shows since 1990.

3 Oct


The reissues of In Gut’s House and Griller highlight how far ahead Ut were.

2 Oct

© Paula Court

I was mesmerized when I first listened to Velvet Underground’s “Venus in Furs” and just wanted to make music that sounded like that.

2 Oct

Ut Live (with moose)

We wanted to subvert the hierarchical thing but we were mainly into the heightened perspective you get playing from every vantage point.

2 Oct

Griller Distorted

To London-based, New York City-bred pioneering power-trio Ut, No Wave meant “…breaking things down to the raw essentials, ignoring rules and inventing new ones.”

30 Sep

Ut Press Photo, 1988

No one could touch these women for sheer intransigence and confrontation. Beautiful, scaly noise.

25 Sep

Ut with Tim Hodgkinson, 1984

Every truly great band transcends their medium, and Ut were —ultimately, completely, indelibly— themselves.

24 Sep


Part of the late '70s coterie of downtown avant-garde noise extremists known as No Wave, Ut began life in late 1978.